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    About Strategic Label

    Strategic Label was founded as East Sales Inc. in 1982 as a Michigan sales and marketing company supplying customers with price marking equipment and labels as well as merchandising supplies. The company is privately owned and managed by the founders who still do business with many of the original customers.
    The emphasis from the beginning was personalized service and products. This relationship based approach has allowed us to service over 10,000 different businesses in 32 years with a full line of adhesive label products, custom printing, business forms and tags. Our concentration on labels and pressure sensitive products has allowed us to become a one stop shop for many of our customers.
    Our personal approach has afforded us growth into a label supplier that sells to Fortune 500 companies, regional retailers and Mom and Pop businesses in every state in the US.
    Growing from a Michigan, to a regional, to now a national and occasionally international company (we shipped to six foreign countries last year), Strategic is planning for a new generation and decades of future service.